The 2017 Black Women's Collective Tour
Vending Partner Opportunity

The Black Women's Collective (BWC) is a one-of-a-kind movement for Black women who are ready to boldly step into their power to lead. We are seeking vendors who desire a unique opportunity to connect with new business contacts, present new products and educate decision makers.  Our  attendees are potential customers looking for exceptional beauty, health, fashion, fitness, financial and educational products. 

The Vendor Package is $200 and includes:

-6’skirted table and chair
-Listing on tour website
-Listing in program
-One event registration for vendor

Due to limited vending opportunities, the criteria for acceptance will be based on those offering high quality products that align best with our attendee needs. 

If you have a business with products geared for Black women and you're looking to gain more exposure and business connections, we're excited to partner with you!
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Thank you! We appreciate your interest in partnering with us to make The Black Women's Collective Tour an amazing experience!

Please use this link below to process your payment. Your payment will be promptly refunded if we agree it’s not a right fit at this time, or if the number of applications exceed the available vendor slots.

If you have any questions, please write us at

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